FTC Meets

Coordinate efforts of affiliated teams to host FIRST FTC meets at several locations in the St. Louis area


Connecting Teams to Opportunities

Facilitate joint fund raising and outreach opportunities for affiliated teams


Facilitate training for teams that lack strong support from a school district or umbrella non-profit

Summer Camps and Festivals

Every summer, we bring hands-on robotics activities to St. Louis area camps and festivals, and invite robotics teams to help us

Clean Energy

SLSRA believes that robots cannot save the world unless they can be recharged with clean energy.  We hope to partner with local LEED contractors and clean energy vendors in St. Louis, to bring clean energy demonstrations to our events, and maybe a hydrogen-powered battery charging station!

Botmobile and CAD

We are working with several partners to create a mobile robotics workshop and CAD center, to give more teams a leg up to using CAD to design and model their robots and custom parts.

St. Louis Regional STEM Learning Ecosystem

SLSRA is a founding member of the new regional STEM Learning Ecosystem, and our participation will keep robotics teams plugged in to all the area STEM opportunities



As you read in our blog, we are starting a robotics program at MADE, centered around a new FRC team that will meet at The Magic House @ MADE?  The team name?  Delmar Robotics Engineers @ MADE, or DRE@M.  Of course!

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