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Mission Statement

We believe that robotics needs to be the youth team sport of the 21st century.


The vision of SLSRA is to establish a Student Robotics Center in St. Louis, to host excellent robotics competitions and community events year round, which will drive equitable access to robotics, and provide quality STEAM learning opportunities and professional training.

Current Initiatives



  • To provide community outreach opportunities for robotics students, and participate fully in the new St. Louis Regional STEM Learning Ecosystem

  • To facilitate training and collaboration events: workshops, camps, coach and mentor training, collaboration and mentoring between teams, with special attention to rookie teams

  • To deepen the learning of robotics students, by providing student access to fabrication tools, engineering and CAD tools, and software design tools

  • To serve and promote robotics programs for students from all backgrounds, especially those in underserved school districts and communities

  • To elevate the experience of students involved in robotics to a level comparable to student athletics, by increasing community awareness of the benefits of student robotics, and by improving the experience of robotics spectators

  • To bring more Art to student robotics, in the form of Industrial Design

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