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We've Been Busy!

It's been too long since I've posted here, but we've been so busy!

Shortly after the last post, we were in the homestretch of our preparations for our booth at Murmuration Festival, and it was pretty awesome. The central feature of the booth was a table where visitors could work with TETRIX PRIME and Arduinos to build their own Autonomous robots, and over the course of 2 days we had a steady stream of makers trying their hand at it. It was the last two hot days of the summer, so relatively few stayed long enough to complete a working robot, but several did!

The booth was operated in shifts by four area FTC teams: Cyber Ducks, iBots, Force Green, and our friends from Illinois, Worm Gear Warriors. Force Green has a great post about it on their website, and Dr. Lady wrote a post that we'll put here soon, as we slowly catch you up on our busy season. Here are few pics of our own from the booth:

The school year began, and with it the robotics season for FLL and FTC teams. Through our partnership with the Jennings School District's Robotics Academy, we put together a series of FLL/FTC "Botshops," which are work days to which we invite a mixture of veteran teams and rookie teams. At one recent Botshop, we were fortunate enough to have FTC team Worm Gear Warriors and FLL team E'Bots from Edwardsville IL to work side-by-side with teams from the Jennings school district, and thank you to Angie and the St. Louis Zoo for presenting Ready, Set ROAR, an information session about animals helpful for FLL teams researching their Animal Allies projects.

Finally, we are quickly approaching the date for our first ever Botshow, which is an event open to the public, and featuring an official FTC Meet in which 12 teams and their robots will run through a lightening round of 15 matches of this year's Velocity Vortex game.

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