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Mindsport Mashup #2

Mindsport Mashup #2

Our second Mindsport Mashup promises to be even better than the first. St. Louis has been an epicenter of student robotics, in part because we were host to the FIRST World Championships for seven years, but also because our community has a great appreciation for this mindsport that is the hardest fun you'll ever have. Did you know that St. Louis is an epicenter for another mindsport, more ancient, more global, and for its players, just as hard and just as fun! I'm speaking of course of chess, our world-renowned Chess Club and Scholastic Center, and our world-class collegiate chess teams, one of which is at SLU. Yes, seven years hosting FIRST World Championships is a great run, but did you know St. Louis is host to the US Chess Championships this April, for the 10th year straight? And you may have heard about Dorsa Derakhshani, freshman on the SLU chess team, making headlines around the world for switching her chess allegiance from Iran to the US Chess Federation.

Our second Mindsport Mashup takes place this Saturday, at SLU's Center for Global Citizenship, an incredible two-part venue, featuring an amphitheater-style competition area on one side where we will hold a 12-team FTC meet, and a convention space where we will have pits and chess, and not just any chess, but challenges organized by the Chess Club, instructors and coaches from the Chess Club, and wait for it....

We are excited to announce that GM Denes Boros will be joining the Saint Louis Chess Club this Saturday as part of the SLSRA Mindsport Series. A sign up sheet will be available for a one time GM Simul at the chess club booth. If you think you have what it takes to beat a Chess Grandmaster, the first 10 participants to sign up will get a chance to play in a 10 vs One chess match.

In addition to the chess challenges, the Chess Club will bring their giant chess set. It's a Mindsport Mashup for all ages!

Photos courtesy of the Saint Louis Chess Club

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