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Help our summer Micro:bit Takeaway

Give STL Day is Wednesday, May 2, and we are excited to be part of it this year! You can help us raise money for our Micro:bit Takeaway.

For us, student robotics is the team sport of the 21st century, and our summer camps are like off-season training for your young mind-sport athlete. Robotics is a part of Physical Computing, which may be the educational innovation of the 21st century. Students start with their passions, make something physical, and breathe life into that something using a micro-controller. Microsoft has recently roared onto the scene with, a platform for giving life to students' creations, and the BBC micro:bit is their main micro-controller partner. All our summer camps this year will use the micro:bit as robot brain, and we are raising money to subsidize the Micro:bit Takeaway, so our campers can keep their micro:bits. The micro:bit will be only a tiny part of the real takeaway.

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